Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Place the the Sun

Although I went after the changing colors at Radnor Lake this morning, a much more amazing sight after a few nights of near freezing temperature were these fourteen turtles catching some rays together. Other logs, other turtles, but not quite so many.


Mimmu said...

What a shot! Congratulations, Suzanne! Every biologist could be thrilled about this kind of photo
and you can be too!
Have a good week, Suzanne.

Kris said...

yeah, what a shot! wow!

Jing said...

lovely view!!nice shot!!

Zsolt72 said...

woww..wonderful moment. They have a conference maybe:)

susan said...

This is amazing! Great shot!

John - Melbourne said...

Wow! That's amazing... lucky you were there I guess!